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It's me chaosphaere (

I decided to start a separate account for my RP art. All my *original* stuff is over at my main gallery.

This is all art from various role playing games I've been in. Mostly you'll see Star Trek, because that's most of my RP these days, but occasionally I'll post something from some other game I've been in. I'll eventually get around to uploading my Shadowrun stuff too.

***and I am severely tempted to make a poster, a la "COPS", of Therav's goons. Entitled "GOONS"... they really are nicknamed the "goon squad" or just "Shan's goons" in-game.

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? :D
I'm otherwise known as chaosphaere - just thought I'd create a separate account for my RPG art.

These are all pics I've created, of my own and friends' characters from various games I've been in. Since mostly I've gamed Star Trek recently, it's mostly going to be Star Trek characters.